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tv   Democrats Weekly Address  CSPAN  April 15, 2017 6:21pm-6:31pm EDT

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christians and muslims and jewish and hindu can follow their hearts and worship. with god's grace, life always triumphs over death. faith extinguishes fear. this is the source of our hope and our confidence in the future. i want to give you -- give a special message to struggling americans who have felt the bitter taste of hardship. we are fighting for every american who has been left behind. as long as we have faith in each other and trust in god, we will succeed. thank you, have a happy easter, a happy passover, god bless you
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and god bless america. >> i am tom perez. as donald trump approaches his first 100 days in office, he is struggling to distract from his broken campaign promises by trying to present himself as some kind of a moderate. we have seen this con job before. the assault on hard-working families began on day one. familiest harder for to save for retirement. courte on the supreme wants to turn back the clock on women's reproductive rights. he targeted immigrants and has torn families apart. he is trying to ram through a health care bill. his careless and cowardly leadership has only continued
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this past week. on tuesday, the administration eliminated critical protections for millions of americans with student loans. president trump would rather let big corporations bury them under mountains of debt. it hurts our entire economy. most want to have the skilled workforce in the world, we should be encouraging people who want to further their education. trump is putting higher education further out of reach for millions of hard-working families. when he is not busy attacking students, he continues to lie to the american people for taking credit for jobs he did not create. take health care away from millions of people and funds are economy back into a recession -- plunge our economy back into a recession. donald trump is not shaking
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things up. he is shaking american families down. democrats will not let him get away with it. i am hitting the road with bernie sanders to talk about how we can fight back for our values. the democratic party's cause is one of common people. for a job that pays the fair wage, education that opens up the doors of opportunity, health care for you and your family, and the chance to retire with dignity and security. that is what democrats are fighting for. the basic promise of inclusion and economic opportunity for everyone. that is what makes our party such a big tent. when republicans side with big corporations, democrats will be fighting for students who
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deserve the chance to go to college without going bankrupt. the republicans push harmful right to work laws. the democrats will be fighting for workers. when republicans try to repeal the affordable care act and impose an age tax on people between 50 and 65, democrats will be fighting to protect health care from millions of families across the country. as president trump retreats to ie golf course, bernie and will be taking directly to the street and talking to voters about how the democratic party is fighting for you. we are hitting seven states in six days and we would love to see you at one of those rallies. here are some of the programs that holiday weekend.
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tonight at 8:00, a nasa briefing on the discovery of earthlike planets orbiting a nearby star. followed by a discussion on the pros and cons of genetically modified foods. >> those of us who do this, we think all plants are gmo's because there is nothing you buy in any of your grocery stores that has not been genetically modified. at 10:30 a.m.,y, the white house easter egg roll event the last four years. >> i knew the nation was thirsting for this museum. i have to confess, i did not know the reaction would be this positive and the strong. >> at 1:35 p.m., a panel of
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federal judges discussing the history of the bill of rights. >> it is a hugely important designation offenses, division of power -- designation of , designationnces -- division of power. >> our collection is 156 million objects. eastern,0 p.m. presidential historians discuss presidential leadership. >> it is interesting that the greatest american president, abraham lincoln, is bracketed by the least successful american presidents. >> this holiday weekend on c-span. it oncase you missed
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c-span, mike pompeo on national security and wikileaks. >> while we do our best to quietly collect information, individuals such as julian assange and edward snowden seek to use the information to make a name for themselves. they care nothing about the lives they put at risk or the damage they cause to national security. >> former pakistani president -- pakistanust understand sacrifices, the sacrifices we have given fighting terrorism. secretary-general -- >> we have been loyal to our core values and core tasks ever since we were founded back in 1949. we are an alliance where we have
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promised to protect each other. one for all and all for one. >> a joint session of the canadian parliament -- 130 million girls are out of school today. they may not know the statistics, but they understand education is the only part to a guided future. >> we discussed the current state of the u.s.-russia relations. the current state of u.s.-russia relations is that a low point. there is a low level of trust between the two countries. we cannot have this kind of relationship. availableprograms are at, our homepage, and by searching the video library.
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>> c-span, where history unfold daily. by television companies and brought you today by your cable or satellite provider. peter: this week on "the communicators," a discussion of economic policy and the federal communications commission. our guest is hal singer. he is an economist and a senior fellow at the george washington university institute of public policy. dr. singer, in a recent paper that you co-authored, "the curious absence of economic analysis at the federal communications commission, an agency in search of a mission," is the title, you write that the fcc is often an economics free zone. what do you mean by that? dr. singer: what i mean is that they are not taking economics


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